Dataground gives you the grounding for everything you need to know about the practical side of data science.

Dataground was founded by James Ashford in 2022

Dataground focuses on the interactive and practical side to data science rather than the theoretical. This includes,

  • Tips and Advice
  • Programming and Scripting
  • Software and Packages
  • Social Media Analysis
Why was Dataground created?

Data Science is an ever-evolving field of study and it’s only getting bigger. For someone who works a lot with data, I found that I learnt best from examples. I enjoyed getting my hands dirty with raw data and code. This site was created for those people in mind.

Who is this site for?

This site is for anyone who is interested in practical data science. From student to full-time data analysts, from Python Programmers to R scripters. The resources from this site may be of help to you.